Sunday School 10:AM
Morning Worship 11:AM

Wed. Bible Study
10:30 AM. Also a Bible Study Wed.evening at 7:PM The Bible Study will be available for viewing on Face Book.

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Peniel Pentecostal Holiness Church

3239 Rosebud Road Walnut Cove NC 27052
Pastor: Dr. Tim Nelson -  Church Office 336-591-3611
A Place To Encounter God Face To Face. Gen.32:3

Pastor Tim & Alpha Rae

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Galatians Bible
Study: Pastor Tim

Galatians BS 1

Galatians BS 2

Galatians BS 3a

Galatians BS 4

Galatians BS 5

Galatians BS 6

Galatians BS 8

 Bible Study Series:
Joy In The Midst Of Life:  Pastor Tim

Philippians BS 16

Philippians BS 17

Philippians BS 18

Philippians BS 19

Philippians BS 20

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